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the “ideal” of society.


What makes you, your own person?

Everyone has their own experience in life, so what would make you any different if everyone had the same journey facing the same obstacles? Now, inevitably we all have our goals, whether if that is to pass the driving test, go to university, get married, have a baby, buying a home.. the list can go on, and there are bound to be some issues, your own circumstances standing in your own of your goal – that’s life. But you see, the society tend to compare and have an idea of what you should be doing at what particular time in your life and if you haven’t achieved that then people look down on you, gaining assumptions about you.

Even I have been a victim of that, I went to university “late”, I got married during my studies and haven’t become pregnant within the year, I haven’t still passed my driving test and I am not 18. I have had many people ask me whether I am unable to bear a child, asking if everything is “okay” in my relationship – and so many other silly questions which has absolutely nothing to do with them; but the thing is, people dig for gossip and  people talk, they always will. By them doing what they do, it doesn’t help you, and neither your self-esteem, its demoralizing. I’ve learned this the through my experience, the hard way, don’t let what other people would think or say ever come in the way of what you would like to do, you don’t have to justify yourself to anyone, not even yourself. Some things pan out for you itself.

If someone your age has achieved something that does not automatically mean that you are “behind” or “late”. There is a right time for each one of you, each individual has their own circumstances which prevents us, humans, to be able to achieve our goal, it does’t mean we have failed, it means that we just took a while to get there. When it meant to be for you it will happen. It can make us feel that we are not good enough or a failure. Whether you get the place where you would like to be tomorrow or even ten years from now, its your journey with your struggles which makes it your achievement. Have faith in yourself and don’t let comparing yourself to others or the norms of ideal self of society pull you down.

The struggles, obstacles, hardship you face, is what reflects back on you and your personality. Whether that makes you a stronger person or insecure, its what makes you, you.


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